The BMW 7-Series is not enough: BMW will launch a new luxury model, what will be the new BMW Series 8?

The BMW 7 Series has everything that should have a luxury sedan is modern, in these times. It has attitude, exudes quality and comfort, with innovative technologies, in some cases, unknown in the market until its release, and enjoys an amazing agility for their size, thanks to its intelligent combination of aluminium and carbon in its construction. But the BMW does not conform, nor with the steps that are being taken in its subsidiary luxury, Rolls-Royce, and the announcement that to reinforce its presence in the luxury segment with a new product, which goes beyond that of the BMW 7 Series. What it could be?

The possibilities are acotándose if we become aware that BMW already has its luxury saloon, the BMW 7 Series, and already plans to be strengthened in another line, the SUV, with a large model that will hit dealerships in 2018 BMW X7. The German brand also enjoys a coupe of high-flying, its variant, a convertible, and even your sedan version of the coupe styling, with the range of BMW 6 Series. But today we already know that with these models is not sufficient, as has been officially announced Harald Krueger, head of the senior management of BMW, at its annual meeting in Munich.

what are We before a new coupe high luxury that is positioned as the new BMW 8 Series?


While the news out disproved at various times, BMW has already given us clues about of a hypothetical BMW 8 Series.

A coupe very distinguished that stood above the series 6 and 7. BMW bet on your own Bentley Continental GT, by a gran coupe, or gran turismo, that stands for distinction, luxury, and engines of high-flying, standing above the BMW 6 Series CoupĂ© and in an environment closer, and popular (so to speak), the exotic Rolls-Royce Wraith, which precisely because of this exoticism can’t be at one point more popular, and in sales, the Bentley Continental GT.

, And track more accurate that BMW could be thinking that gran coupe is a prototype presented three years ago now, at the Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’este, the BMW Gran Lusso Coupe that illustrates this article, and which designed as Pininfarina we looked forward to a luxury coupe with an engine of twelve cylinders in vee.

bmw-lujo-futuro-02The BMW 8 Series, by the way, already existed, and implies the return of a name with more than 25 years of history. A name that car enthusiasts, and especially fans of BMW, will remember with a smile (see history of the BMW 8 Series).

Source: BMW