The BMW 7-Series will be the first brand-new diesel engine with four turbos

Nuevo BMW Serie 7 2016

A new BMW 750d xDrive will be in charge of releasing this motorization

Presently the motor of production with a greater number of turbos sold BMW. Your engine six-cylinder in-line 3.0 triturbo 381 HP and 740 Nm was the way of saying goodbye to the diesel V8 without losing benefits and gaining in lightness and efficiency. As we had anticipated, soon BMW will launch a new engine 3.0 diesel six-cylinder on-line, but this time with four turbos (Quad-Turbo).

The BMW 7 Series would be the model in charge of premiering this new mechanics, under the name 750d xDrive, although this engine will come to other models, such as SUV large of the mark or the new 5-Series. The new engine, which will replace the diesel of three turbos, it will deliver 400 horse power between 4,000 and 4,400 revolutions and a torque of 760 Nm between 2,000 and 3,000 revs. The gain is only 20 Nm with respect to the previous engine, and despite the fact that the engineers of BMW to ensure that it can deliver much more torque, the automatic gearbox ZF eight-speed would not be able to bear it.


BMW X6 M50d, with motor triturbo

The BMW 7 Series will be able to do a 0-100 km/h in less than five seconds and reach 250 km/h of maximum speed. Despite the improved performance, it is estimated that the consumption of this engine is a 5% lower the 3.0 triturbo.

The new diesel engine with four turbos is based on the new family of modular engines BMW has two turbos, high pressure and two low pressure. The first work to high revolutions, while the other two are in charge of providing increased response in the low area of the cuentavueltas. It is precisely the two turbos low pressure replacing a turbo for low pressure larger than is used in the diesel engine with three turbos.

Source – Bimmerpost

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