The BMW 740e iPerformance, the hybrid version of the model, the part in 103.455 euros

BMW 740e iPerformanceThe new generation of the flagship of the German brand is slowly settling in the market. The new edition of this model impressed the respectable the past year, thanks to a new image, more dynamic and a level of technology that leaves nothing to chance. In the range of the 7-Series is also available a hybrid version plug-in, the BMW 740e iPerformance, an alternative for the fans of this type of systems has already a price in our country, from 103.455 euros.

For if ye not remember the goodness of this version, I put fast in context. We speak of an option within the range of the 7-Series with a gasoline engine of four cylinders and 2 liters, which develops 250 horse power. Attached to the engine is another engine, source electric this time, which together with the previous offers in the whole 326 horsepower. and 500 Nm of torque. A powerful system and can run in zero emissions up to 40 kilometres.

BMW-740e-iPerformance-9But what is to face this version if you compare it with the rest of the range? To give you an idea, the BMW 730d, the access to the supply of the vehicle which mounts the diesel engine of 265 horsepower, has a price of 94.650€. In contrast, in the section on fuel, the 750i xDrive starts in a few 133.990 euros. The BMW 740e iPerformance, with a price of 103.455 euros, it is quite cheaper than the 750i and provides the conduit for skills a not negligible, not to mention the efficiency of each one.

So, if you have in mind to purchase a saloon of the segment F, and you have taken a look at the BMW 7 Series, you are not forget that is also available in a hybrid version plug-in 326 HP that announces consumption official of 2.2 l/100 km and that is capable of completing the 0-100 km/h in just 5,4 seconds.

Source – BMW

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