The BMW Concept Compact Sedan to the BMW 1-Series sedan: 4 keys to understanding the sedan is coming

From that arrived the new generation of the BMW Series 1 we have witnessed a coming and going of rumors about the possible arrival of a variant sedan now become a reality in the form of a conceptual model with the BMW Concept Compact Sedan. The BMW Series 3 will have a “little brother” and us to you line by line, as the details prior to your arrival as a production model:

1.- BMW has us spoiled: their concepts tend to become a reality without too many changes

If we look at the list of recent conceptual models of BMW we will fall on account of that the manufacturer German has the habit of bringing to production their concepts without too many changes. From the BMW i8 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, passing by an alternative, more specialized, as the BMW M4 GTS. This strategy is followed up in MINI or BMW Motorrad.

Yes, not only ay a big possibility that we find a BMW Concept Compact Sedan production but most likely is that it also looks a lot to the conceptual model that we have already known.

2.- What will be under your body?

it Is easy to imagine this new vehicle coming to production covered by the modular platform front-wheel-drive of the brand. This platform has already given life to the BMW X1 and BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer and BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

Coupled to this platform, we would find a range of mechanical-like models mentioned above, a range that is articulated around the engines modular 3-cylinder 1.5-litre or 4-cylinder and 2-liter cubicaje and that in the case of the X1 goes from 116 horses 16d 231 horses, 25d and 25i. Of course no shortage of alternatives with awd, and even the chance to meet up with a plug-in hybrid.


3.- Makes all the sense in the world, will face the Mercedes CLA and Audi A3 Sedan

what Is the point of a saloon below the BMW Series 3? The progressive (and substantial) increase in size of the cars has left a gap below that in the case of Mercedes and Audi has already been occupied by sedans derived from their compact, the Mercedes CLA and the Audi A3 Sedan, the first being a success.

This new BMW 1 Series sedan will have to see the faces with both using the same formula in its development: mechanical-known, keys, design views, and a common platform. In short, the axiom center that has served the brand to diversify both brands now applied to the segment of the sedans compact.

In markets such as China, the united States or Russia can be seen even with best eye this kind of body, in fact it has been presented on the occasion of the Hall of Guangzhou but… what if we’re looking at a model destined solely for the chinese market and not what we see in Europe?

4.- When do we see?

BMW Concept Compact Sedan does not have features conceptual and as we mentioned the fabric of mechanic already exists, so that BMW I could go with the trend not to wait too long to bring to production the concept presented. Perhaps the next year on the occasion of the Paris Salon since we’re talking about, BMW 1-Series Sedan production. For now it’s a genuine question, no statements or rumors setting up his arrival as the final model.