The BMW Flying Back to the Future 2 633CSi meets his grandson

We are in 2015, and that means is the year in which Back to the Future II occurs . And you could say that we are almost in the vision proposed by the pelĂ­culo in the 80s already have floating skateboards, and although the cars do not fly, there are some who are self-employed. 2015 is the perfect year to put two vehicles: the vision of the future BMW Robert Zemeckis and present BMW . The BMW 633C If flying just out of Griff Tannen and BMW M6 Convertible dealer.

The car of 2015 according to the eighties, meets the real car in 2015. Interesting.

The BMW 633C If you were born as a coupe in the late 70s An elegant GT which was sold in 633CSi version equipped with a six-cylinder engine online 197 CV power. It was a very popular car in America during the 80s, when “Back to the Future II” was recorded. Griff Tannen was the antagonist of Marty McFly in the 2015 film, and had a BMW 633C If 80 with a conversion to flying car. It is one of the most distinctive cars of the series, alongside the legendary DeLorean DMC -12.

The creators of the film cut his roof, and then applied a scheme of black and red paint. Of course, a double layer of wax was applied by the grandfather of Griff Tannen in the car. On the hood, a huge air intake refrigeraba the engine allowed the car to fly . As the 2015 DeLorean did, the wheels of this BMW became makeshift thrusters used a system that garbage as fuel. I always wonder why they have not invented something like today.

The car flew through the special effects in the film, but in reality, no longer a BMW 633C If homeless and with a curious covered on its wheels in which the propulsion system of the future would hide. Your tires are painted red and mechanical level shows no modification. It is curious to compare their lines with a modern M6, and see how it has changed the design language BMW in 30 years … and as the years do not forgive the 633CSi.

Yet still a very nice car, although his flying configuration has a more … personal aesthetic.

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