The BMW i3 2017 gets a range of 300 kilometers

BMW will enhance the range of the i3 with the adoption of a new lithium ion battery for 33 kWh which will have a range of up to 300 kilometers.

BMW-i3-MY2017-1BMW presented the range MY2017 i3, with a series of updates that not only altered in mild form its aesthetics, but also came with improvements in terms of their autonomy, thanks to the use of a battery of higher power.

improvements in terms of aesthetics are very subtle, since it is hardly limited to the introduction of new colors for the body, the metallic blue of the photographs that accompany this article, in addition to a new black-and-white, and six new metallic finishes. The most important is related to the adoption of new standard equipment, as the headlights LED, automatic climate control, cruise control speed adapatativo, etc

Under any type of condition, the new i3 always exceed the 200 km of autonomy, although under ideal conditions can reach 300 km

But without a doubt its main novelty is related to the adoption of a new li-ion battery of 33 kWh, as a substitute of the unit of 22 kWh from the outgoing model.

This new battery allows the new BMW i3 to achieve a range of 300 kilometers with a full load, achieved in 4 and a half hours if you are using a charger level 2. The adoption of the new batteries lifted its weight until 1.343 kg, while if it is equipped with the system range extender, reaches a total of 1.467 kilograms.

The so-called ‘Range Extender’ offers a mechanical hybrid plug-in, combining a petrol engine twin that allows you to extend the autonomy of 150 kilometers further, at the same time which maintains the charge of the batteries during operation.

Its power is unchanged in 170 HP and 249 Nm of torque, while the system range extender adds 38 HP thanks to its gasoline engine of 0.65 litres. The BMW i3 all-electric speeds of 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds, while the equipped with the range extender achieves the 0-100 in 8 seconds.

By the time the German firm has not spread in the prices of the BMW i3 battery is 33 kWh, but considering the imminence of its arrival to the market, it is possible that we may know soon.


Author: Adriancar Lover since I remember, the Scalextric and the cars scale were in charge of turning on