The BMW i3 could improve its battery life with new batteries

Vista delantera del BMW i3A price higher than that of combustion vehicles is an impediment to electric cars will have a greater diffusion, but, without a doubt, what most buyers drive away is the limitation of autonomy and the recharging time of electric cars. Some, such as the BMW i3, offer variants extended-range, that are equipped with a small gasoline engine that generates electricity, although it is not the most attractive.

Is precisely the BMW i3 is one of electric cars in the coming months, it will give a significant leap in terms of their autonomy. Ian Robertson, Sales Chief of BMW, in a statement to Automotive News said that in the face of this summer 2016, the BMW i3 will experience a significant improvement in terms of autonomy. There is not yet a final number, but deck a increased range of up to 50%.

Vista trasera del BMW i3The fact that the BMW i3 with the new lithium-ion batteries can travel up to 50% more distance with a single recharge makes it much more interesting. On the one hand, by the mere fact of being able to travel more kilometers (more customers will opt for the) and on the other because it would be one of the electrical with more autonomy. This increase is reflected in the fact that it could take up to 193 kilometers, compared to 130 from the current model. The Nissan Leaf is the electric car most sold in the world (also with a lower price) has a range of 172 miles.

Along with the improvement in the range of the BMW i3, the brand will present another series of developments for the compact power of the still details are not known. In 2015 have been traded 24.057 drives of the BMW i3, 50% more than in 2014. In Spain over the past year were enrolled 251 units of the compact electric.
Source – Automotive News

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