The BMW i3 will be updated and reaching 200 km of autonomy


The BMW i3 will receive an update that will increase their autonomy

From Bavaria sent us information stating that BMW is finished preparations to launch a important update on the i3. This review will hit the entire range by using a optimized transmission that will increase your range of autonomy considerably.

New battery and software updates to get to the 200 km of autonomy

At present, the manufacturer claims that its BMW i3 can travel between 130 and 160 km in normal circumstances, depending on the use of the accelerator and the amount of devices that we use it as the climate control. With this update this figure would be around 200 km.

These new versions will benefit from a new li-ion battery that despite having the same capacity –22 kWh, of which only 18,7 kWh are useful to preserve the durability – have greater density of power. It will also have a software update that controls the cooling system of the batteries and the electric motor.

These improvements will also to the version of extended range, which BMW calls i3 REX, equipped with a small gasoline engine of two cylinders and a deposit of nine litres of fuel charge to recharge batteries in order not to be limited by the electric range. Also in this version, we can go more kilómietros without the need of stopping.

One of the most interesting parts of this story speaks of the retro-compatibility. The current owners of the BMW i3 will be able to acquire these updates if they so wish, although it has all the ballots that will be passing by the box.

The BMW i3 is being a commercial success. As I mentioned last week, the compact electric is already the third best-selling model in the world in its category, and to top it all off, attracts new customers to the brand since the 80% of their owners have not had a BMW before.