The BMW i8 100% electric is closer to what you imagine it to be


BMW prepares an i8 all-electric and more powerful

BMW is preparing a version fully electric sports most charismatic and efficient that it has. A BMW i8 100% electric is being developed for BMW i as a new prototype coupe’s futuristic-looking, sleek and dynamic powered without throwing a single gram of harmful emissions to the environment.

The present hybrid drive system of the BMW i8 is formed by two electric motors of small size in the rear axle and a combustion engine three-cylinder petrol and 1.5 liter on the front axle. However, this prototype of zero-emissions possess three electric motors: to continue riding two thrusters power the rear axle while the front one bigger one to replace the transmission. But… what about their batteries?


Will feature a package of batteries of greater capacity than the current 7.1 kWh of the hybrid model whose range of autonomy to reach 400 km with a single charge. Previously, we met an prototype powered by hydrogen stored in fuel tanks in the tunnel central leaving the more width, as well as alternative electrical store your new set of batteries in the same space. This will control and maintain the distribution of weights, as well as the center of gravity.

Introduce a broader package of batteries will not impact negatively on the weight. The source indicates that the i8 electric will weigh no more than the 1485 kg of the hybrid, the elimination of the propellant gas will compensate for the introduction of a set of batteries heavier and a new electric motor more simple. Despite the interior changes, this new model could be much more powerful than the current hybrid.


Our section of spy photos was found in a i8 with more ventilation at the back of what normal

More compact and more powerful. The BMW i8 100% electric mount new electric motors high speed that will be one more step on current. At present, the i8 mounts a drive system that offers up 362 horsepower through all four wheels, while the source talks about a new generation of electric motors that could produce up to 373 HP each. So I imagine up where you can get this i8 electric.

recently, we also met a strange prototype of the BMW i8 that had new ventilation grilles in the rear window, which confirms that the signature bavarian prepares a version much more powerful in the current.