The BMW i8 loses the soft top and becomes a Roadster, ready for the good time!

The new BMW i8 will come on stage, and this time, without hood. Shown officially for the first time thanks to a series of images distributed by the brand itself, the new i8 Roadster, which will arrive in 2018, follows the line of design of the coupe version.

in Addition to several images, we have a video shared by BMW on their social networks in which it is shown with a kind of paint camouflage used in cars that will be production. Even so, it is clear the design of this new i8 Roadster.

The i8 Roadster will continue to use a chassis of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and the same hybrid system that has a motor thermal tricilindrico that produces 231 HP and an electric motor of 131 HP located at the front. All this power generates 362 HP total attached to a 6-speed automatic transmission, which distributes to all four wheels.

it Was rumored that BMW would introduce a convertible version of their i8, and is something that we had been talking about since the Paris motor show in 2016, but it has not been until this year, when the germans have moved tab, and have descapotado one of their coupes more exotic.

This variant of the BMW i8 will be equipped with the technology BMW Airtouch. This new feature that will incorporate the i8 Roadster will enable its users, both the driver, as the co-pilot, have their own points of contact in the high-resolution screen integrated in the i8 Roadster. The system Airtouch will anticipate the selection gesture of the driver, making this type of technology even more intuitive and easy to use.

The BMW i8 is a car that has no rival. No brand has dared to launch a hybrid coupe 300-400 HP and is something that honors the bavarian manufacturer. Will have to see how to develop the sales of this new variant convertible.

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