The BMW i8 premiered its new colours in the Uk thanks to BMW Individual

BMW i8 colores Individual BMW i8 is one of the hybrids most athletic and eye-catching that we can find in the market. However, until now, was marketed in a colour palette quite limited, where only were some shades of gray, white or silver. This will change in the Uk, since thanks to the department of customization, BMW Individual, can be painted with more colors the body of the i8.

After the success of the BMW i8 Protonic Network Edition the past Geneva, we decided to expand the palette until and including eight new hues. You can choose between Green Java, Yellow, Speed, sunny Orange, Purple Twilight, Gray, Frozen, Grey Telesto Pearl, Black, Frozen Blue and San Marino. As we can see in the images, the majority of feel quite well to i8, and give you a younger looking.

BMW i8 colores IndividualThe brand adds that the colors Frozen have a matte finish that helps a lot to the sport hybrid. In the same way, in function of the chosen color can be set with a different finish to choose from solid, metallic or Xirallic (a mixture of mica and synthetic aluminum). As an option there will also be a wheels black sporting a new design in the form of a “W” and put the contrast to so much color.

As stated at the beginning, the new colors from BMW Individual of time will only be available in the Uk. Who wants to paint his BMW i8 in any of these tones will have to shell out an amount of 5.495 pounds, which means a few 7.250 euros at the exchange. The German brand still has not ruled about themselves will come in the future to other countries.

Source – BMW

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