The BMW i8’s second-generation shall have 760 HP purely electrical

BMW has big plans for one of its models more spectacular. While your washing your face is still in process, internally, the development of its replacement it seems that it has passed several stages. The BMW i8 remains a unique sporting environment-friendly and eye-catching that it will become even more prestacional and whose footprint on the planet will be cleaner than ever. More BMW i8.


The next generation of the i8 will be 100% and shall include a power huge

As we already mentioned on another occasion, the spectacular BMW sports replaces your mechanical hybrid composed by an internal combustion engine three-cylinder 1.5-liter petrol and electric motors by three electric motors of new generation and high revs. This important step will make the i8 a huge leap of power from the current 362 CV to 760 HP.

760 CV purely electric, and more than 480 km of autonomy

The BMW i8 is a vehicle that is surprising in all its aspects but has always had a fish bone stuck and that is the general criticism has always been somewhat dissatisfied with the relationship between the output power of the vehicle and its appearance, too dynamic and athletic for “only 362 HP”, in addition to that it is a vehicle that is not prepared to put within a circuit. This seems that will change since your successor will be very strong.


The concept of sports will change radically in the new i8

we speak Not just of a total power of 760 HP thanks to its three motors that can achieve the 25,000 rpm, we also speak of a a set of batteries of higher capacity that will allow travel up to 300 miles, more than 480 km, with a single charge, four wheel drive, four wheel steering, torque vectoring motor and a system of active suspension as of the new BMW 7-Series that “reads the road” by which we continue to adapt the tare to ensure the highest level of comfort.

Well the new i8 will be the height both to confront some of the products of Tesla in terms of electric mobility, technology, luxury and performance as being a rival to take into account for electric sports as the Audi R8 e-tron.


despite the changes that will continue to be a benchmark in terms of avant-garde technology and clean mobility

The new generation of the BMW i8 will not come until 2022 or 2023 a date still far in before we will also see the replacement of the BMW i3 and other members of the range r of BMW as the BMW i5 (2020). In addition to the restyling of the i8 will bring the long-awaited version roadster based on the BMW i8 Spyder Concept.