The BMW M140i and M240i could arrive in the summer

BMW M235i BMW M135i and M235i were from a first time versions more sports and powerful, the BMW Series 1 and Series 2, until recently the range of the second came the BMW M2. Now, and according to BMW Blog, it seems that there will be changes in the range of the BMW M135i and M235i, which could reach throughout the summer with more power and new denominations M140i and M240i.

These two models M Performance keep the engine N55 3.0 six-cylinder in-line, but will elevate your power from the 326 HP of the current M135i and M235i to the 340 horses. In this way, the new BMW M140i and M240i would follow in the footsteps of other models such as the BMW 340i and X4 M40i, unifying nomenclatures within the range.

BMW m135iThis motor current will be present on the bodies of three and five-door-Series 1, as well as in bodies coupe and convertible the 2 Series. The main difference, given the power increase, is expected in the performance. Currently, the BMW M235i is capable of doing the 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds when it is associated to the auto switch, or 5 seconds in the case of the manual change. With the new engine of 340 HP, those numbers may improve slightly.

new M240i and M240i could also be chosen with manual gearbox or automatic eight relations, as well as with all-wheel drive xDrive associated with the automatic change.

Source – BMW Blog

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