The BMW M2 Cabrio that BMW promised not to manufacture, supposedly filtering

BMW M2 (see proof of the BMW M2 is one of our BMW favorite currently. It is a sports coupe with 370 horsepower, rear-wheel drive, a start to a radical point, and the manual gearbox optional. The last BMW purist, according to many, a direct descendant of the BMW 2002 turbo and BMW M3 E30. In February, BMW Motorsport stated that it did not produce a BMW M2 Cabrio, since that would betray the principles purists of this model. Well, or this leak is wrong, or someone is going to have to swallow their words with potatoes.

The photos seem to have been taken of a configurator of the brand, and have a good quality in general.

Was Frank Isenberg engineer of BMW Motorsport that he stated in speaking with an australian journal that the brand never produces an M2 Cabrio. For the same reason that it never produced a BMW 1-Series M Convertible: purism. It would lose rigidity and you would lose dynamic capabilities due to the weight of the reinforcements extras in the chassis. The same engineer stated that with the 2-Series Cabrio – speaking specifically of the M240i – already had enough sportsmanship to the open sky in a small format and with a roof of canvas.

bmw-m2-filtrado-2017-3BMW itself offers a BMW M4 Cabrio (see proof of the BMW M4 Cabrio), with a very different crowd to that of the future BMW M2 Cabrio. Can Frank Isenberg have to swallow their words if the leak is real. Could be a good Photoshop job but published by reference to a reliable source in the own BMW. Although in they tend to be quite reliable, it is advisable to take this leak with a pinch of salt. Aesthetically, it is a BMW M2 when they have removed the roof, no changes of importance.

Will retain its turbocharged six-cylinder in-line and 370 HP.

it Is aesthetically pleasing, and the body embrutecida of the M2 fits very well with bodywork convertible and canvas roof – unlike the M4 Convertible, with hardtop folding. It is expected that BMW has used all of his force technique to avoid the loss of the roof affects the rigidity of the cabrio, avoiding excessive increases of weight by means of reinforcements in carbon fiber and lightweight materials. To equal engine, a 2-Series Cabrio is 155 kg heavier than their counterpart Coupe.

bmw-m2-filtrado-2017-8To know him, what we will do in the next Paris Salon.