The BMW M2 continues to train at the Nurburgring

We have already seen plenty of time. The BMW M2 , the small great sporting future BMW not to shoot in Nürburgring serve us on a platter with a new chance video in which to enjoy and the sound of his alleged 6 cylinder.

The BMW M2 will have to see the faces with the Mercedes A 45 AMG and Audi RS3 .

Gossips say it will moved by mechanics 6-cylinder and 3-liter displacement an engine, supercharged by, would rise to about 370 horses given axis later, while still an open question whether we will see with manual and / or automatic.

Steps bulkier wheel, four tailpipes starring in his rear, new bumpers … and of course the corresponding evolution brakes, suspensions and chassis reinforcements .

If the forecasts are met we will see in the next Frankfurt in September. We already can not have more desire to know if the M235i surprised us very pleasantly the BMW M2 seems ready to fall in love.

Video BMW M2 at the Nurburgring:

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