The BMW M2 Convertible that you will not see in dealerships of the brand


BMW LW M2 Cabriolet.

despite the success of the model, the German brand has no intentions to develop a convertible version of the BMW M2, but a priori it should be very simple if we take into account that the Series 2 already has a convertible version that shares the most elements with the variant coupé.

And this has been precisely the path that has chosen the preparer German Lightweight Performance, taking as a basis a 2-Series Convertible to create the first BMW M2 convertible that we have seen until now, and that you receive the official designation LW M2 Cabriolet, although it has been baptized with the name ‘Hillary’ at the domestic level. The reason?, for the time being has not been revealed, but it sure is a tribute to some lady.

instead of transforming a BMW M2 itself, cutting the roof and reinforcing the chassis, Lightweight Performance been taken as a model donor BMW M240i Convertible, a version that does not require any modification to lose the roof (since it is a convertible) and that you already have a rack, enough sports.


Has more power that the M2 Competition.

coach, with headquarters in the town of Sinn, modified, and replaced the body panels, to adopt the image of the M2 Coupe, strengthened the frame with a new scheme for the suspension with Bilstein Clubsport and wheels 21-inch with tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4, 305-section, and of course, replaced the block B58 original 340 HP for the block N55 six-cylinder in-line and 3.0-liter that mounted the BMW M2, although conveniently harnessed to achieve the 428 HP and 600 Nm of maximum torque. More than the M2 Competition.

these modifications were added various pieces and elements in carbon fiber and systems such as the ABS or the DSC come from the M4 GTS. So that we may understand the changes and the loving care with which care has been taken to the trainer this project has been beyond simple cosmetic changes.

The result is spectacular and above all very believable. Obviating the emblems themselves of the coach, more of a confused may think that we are faced with a real M2 Convertible, which has a picture very attractive.