The BMW M3 Pick-Up has become a reality for a client in south Africa

Someone has made their dream a reality in south Africa with this truck only. The mere fact that there is a BMW M3 Pick-Up because it’s surprising, but despite the fact that the signature bavarian took it simply as a game, on the great continent have been taken very seriously by creating a dedicated unit custom made for a local client.


In 2011, we met the BMW M3 E92 Pick-Up on the occasion of the celebration of the April Fool s Day, equivalent to day of the innocents international. Is more, there was not a vehicle of exposure begotten to the light but we got to see the truck roll at the Nürburgring to test its performance and verify that it is still a BMW ///M pure stock. But this unity does not have to have anything to do with that, we present to you today, except that served as inspiration.

trainer south african Mad Dog Racing reveals that has created a vehicle that is almost identical to that made by BMW in their time exclusively for one of its clients. The base remains that of a BMW M3 E92 Coupé when you have emptied the entire car from the B pillar backwards for coupling to a “bath” in its place.


we Find subtle differences from the prototype official as a B-pillar thicker, the plastic coating of the cargo area in place of the aluminum or the opening of the gate of conventional form up, and nothing practice, rather as happens in the vans to facilitate the loading of our belongings. In addition, the prototype had a convertible roof type targa that on this occasion it has been in a solar roof.

even Though this issue that will enjoy the client south african account with a glazed area to rear with sliding door that provides greater breadth of vision from the rear-view mirror, the lining of the cargo area seems very well built, considerably better than could be expected, and in addition the coach said that the stiffness is adequate for this type of vehicles.