The BMW M4 GTS becomes the spectacular 'Safety Car' DTM 2016


BMW is the usual supplier of the safety cars of the DTM (championship German touring car). This season will make its debut in the work of the Safety Car the BMW M4 GTS, with the driver Jürgen Kastenholz behind the wheel, replacing the M4 Coupe that wore performing this role the last two years.

with Respect to the M4 Coupé standard, the M4 GTS gives a twist in search of perfection. More powerful, more lightweight, more exclusive. The power of your engine reaches the 500 HP by means of innovations such as the injection of water, being the first production car to implement this technology.

The M4 GTS also boasts special features such as lightweight wheels, carbon fiber, or their striking pilots OLED. Privileges that have a high price: 166.900 euros is the cost of this version in our market, that is to say, a cost that exceeds by more than € 70,000 to the standard version.


The German model is only sold 700 units, you will perform your task in the popular championship of passenger cars with only minor modifications with respect to the series model. A bet that makes it clear that BMW is confident in the capabilities of one of its most desirable high performance cars of the last few years.

Yes you will package Clubsport is optional and it is very appropriate for use in a circuit. The package includes a blunt safety cage orange after the-seater front harness with six anchor points and an extinguisher in the passenger compartment.

what’s new specific to the new Safety Car of the DTM are the LED lights in the roof and the front bumper in addition to a function of flash of the headlights, the radio station to establish communication with race control and the vinyls in your body that leave clear your condition of safety cars.