The BMW M4 GTS Concept, almost ready to go into production


The BMW M4 GTS Concept that debuted this week at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance format ahead of us that will have the most radical of the M4 when it reaches production.


BMW-Concept-M4-GTS-1 L I fter a year of occurrence of the launch of the BMW M4 Coupe, BMW is very close to publicize An even more radical variant , which It will be named M4 GTS. But as an advance, within the framework of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance which takes place this week, which presented a prototype called Concept BMW M4 GTS.

The conceptual work shows us a car that looks almost ready to go into production. It will continue in the same line as the esepciales series of M3 over recent decades, as happened with timely M3 Evolution Sport Evolution, GT, CSL, GTS and CRT .

Regarding the BMW M4 series, the GTS will add t echnology derived from the skills , more power for your engine and a body with low weight. The model introduces new technologies ranging from water injection system to its rear lights with organic light emitting diodes technology light OLED.


still has no official specifications, but his aesthetic is quite radical.

Your body has a unique aerodynamic package that includes a splitter manually adjustable front and a rear spoiler made of carbon fiber , unpainted. It has a large air intake in the front sector, which channels the air to improve ventilation and optimize the performance front.

The hood on his part is made of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber CFRP, which does nothing but help further reduce weight and center of gravity. His aesthetic is completed by alloy wheels 20 inches in the rear and 20 inch front wheels, shod with Michelin Sport Cup II as 265/35 R19 and 265/35 R20. Otherwise your body is matte gray Graffiti, while some orange accents add a touch of color.

Under the hood, the GTS BMW M4 mounts the same engine block inline six-cylinder, 3.0 liter engine that uses the Coupe. However, it is provided with an injection system for water that comes directly from the one used by the BMW M4 MotoGP , the safety car of MotoGP, which according to the engineers of the German mark, does but increase the power and torque available.

This water injection system , is used to reduce the temperature of the intake mixture, allowing increasing pressure turbos and gain more power. Your cooling system is advanced, sectored and equipped with several radiators covering different circuits such as high temperature, low temperature, turbochargers and transmission.

It seems that the car is ready to go into production and true to the style to which we are accustomed BMW, aesthetically have only subtle differences when it hits the streets. Maybe it’s too early to see it in its production format next month in Frankfurt Motor Show, but … who knows.



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