The BMW M4 GTS dance for us in this fantastic promotional video

A few hours ago we published all the details of new GTS BMW M4 . The special version of BMW M4 a beast of 500 hp limited a7 only 700 units, and the first production car to use an advanced system of water injection, which we’ve already told all details . Is on BMW Motorsport fastest in history with a 0-100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds and a top speed limited to 305 km / h. It’s time to see him dancing in his favorite spot. circuits

With its 3.0 engine six-cylinder is capable of developing 500 horsepower.

The GTS BMW M4 is a car that addiction promulgated circuits as a healthy habit . And we could not agree more on that. His tune is openly designed for circuits with a hard suspension and a table and a housing specially adapted to withstand the G forces generated under heavy acceleration and deceleration. In short, it is a machine you expect great things, as a time in the Green Hell of only seven minutes and 28 seconds lap. Impressive.

bmw-m4-gts-2016-53 BMW has posted a video in which the GTS BMW M4 shown us playful, dancing and burning wheel circuit. You may not have the best shots of falling into excessive sound and camera movements, but allows us to get used to the idea of ​​ how is able to move the BMW M4 most powerful ever created . Just hit play and turn up the volume of the speakers, waiting two minutes of visual and auditory delight.

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GTS BMW M4, water injection and 500 hp for the most radical M of history!

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