The BMW M4 GTS has already a price for the Spanish market, hold on


it Is difficult to assess a unique car in its kind, but BMW already has a long experience in these details. So much so that the exclusivity and the performance of the BMW M4 GTS already have a price for the Spanish market, and that is 166.900 euros. A price of 70,000 euros higher than its source model.

And is the technology that hides beneath the M4 GTS is not particularly unobtrusive, no power. Is the first road car to incorporate water injection, as well as a series of mechanical upgrades with respect to the BMW M4 source. Improvements that allow you to raise the pace and performance to the next level amazing.

For example, power of 431 HP of the M4 we went to 500 righteous, while the few evolves from 550 Nm to 600. that Is to say 69 horsepower and 50 Nm more that you are worth to gain speed and reduce the time in the 0 to 100 Km/h, able to do it in only 3.8 seconds. Figures mind-boggling that they could not go in desentono with the price.

And yes, 166.900 euros are a lot of euros to pay, and more if we take into account that in Germany become 142,600 geotagged € 24.300 € less. Leaving aside economic issues, there are those that say that not only you acquire sportsmanship with a BMW M4 GTS, but that also you get exclusivity.


BMW will sell 700 unique units of this beast. 700 unique units that have already been sold. So if you were expecting to know the price of sale to decide, sorry, there are no. We will have to wait to the launch of the second-hand market, but take into account that the M4 GTS is born with a classic, so their prices will only grow.