The BMW M4 GTS marks a time of 7:27:88 at the Nürburgring (video)

BMW M4 GTShas Already been exhausted and you can’t buy it new, but if you could would you take one of the fastest cars on the circuit of Nürburgring. The BMW M4 GTS is a limited edition to only 700 units, based on the M4 and bringing to the streets the latest technology, such as, for example, the system of water injection to the engine. But we now know that all of that works and it has marked a turn around time 7:27:88.

Well, with that number blindly, perhaps you stay seated in the chair. But if I tell you that it is so fast on the German track as a Porsche 911 GT3 the thing changes. In fact it does not move away too much from supercars such as the McLaren MP4-12C or the híperdeportivo Ferrari Enzo. Only 3 seconds slower with a handful of horses less and a lower price.


The BMW M4 GTS is a car designed for the circuit, a car that comes with a inner spartan and a safety cage, but also with a new body kit that affects the aerodynamics, including a spoiler on the rear. The carbon fiber, in addition, is one of its strengths to create a car more lightweight.

The engine is the same as that of the M4 standard, but has been adjusted to yield up to 500 horses. One of the reasons is the system of injection of water into the motor, a pioneering system in the streets, and based on that already sits on the M4 Safety Car. Jörg Weidinger has managed to squeeze out all the juice to get the fastest lap that will surely end with the season records of the year 2015, which has not exactly been short or a little intense.

don’t miss the fastest lap from the inner chamber of the BMW M4 GTS in video, a pioneering model in different technologies, such as injection water, but also in the lighting system OLED. The 700 units planned for production literally flew despite a price of more than 140,000 euros.

Source – BMW

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