The BMW M5 and M6 say goodbye to the manual change

BMW M5The more purists can rest easy because the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S will be available from now with a manual gearbox. On the other side of the coin is BMW, which has announced that the BMW M5 and M6 will no longer offer the manual change, with the automatic gearbox dual-clutch seven-speed.

Many brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini some time ago not to offer car manuals and now models more “humble” are also adopting this philosophy. From now on, the BMW M with V8 engines only will be offered with an automatic gearbox. This fall, the BMW M5 and M6 will say goodbye to the boxes of change manual to always.

BMW M5 cambio automático

The automatic change will be the only option for the BMW M5 and M6

The manual gearbox of the BMW M5 and M6 was developed, interestingly enough, for the north american market. There most of the cars are automatic and the customer looking for the sportiness typically prefer a manual gearbox, unlike in Europe. Do the M5 and M6 would have a manual gearbox was a challenge, since the motor 4.4 V8 biturbo 560 HP has as much torque (680 Nm) that was difficult to digest for a manual box.

The engineers worked hard on the implementation of the manual gearbox, must to reprogram the electronics of the vehicle to not have problems of reliability. Now, after all this work and according to words of the head of the division M, Frank van Meel, the demand for the boxes, manuals in the m5 and M6 is very low. The own van Meel says that demand has fallen to zero.

BMW M6on the other hand, we can be quiet. Smaller models such as BMW M2, M3 and M4 will be offered with a manual gearbox, something that has also been confirmed by van Meel.

Source – Car & Driver

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