The BMW M5 G30 goes out on a walk in your body definitive

again we see the BMW M5 G30, the next generation, but on this occasion wears his body end and optical mounts the successor of the great saloon. So is the look of the new BMW Series 5.


The design of the new 5-Series moves forward and turns to evolve, but without forgetting its origins, the classic double kidney grille heads the front with new optical technology LED day lighting easily recognizable as a BMW. The bumper, specific for this version, it is still hidden but it does not prevent us from seeing that it has huge air intakes for the cooling of your propeller.

behind appears better finished off with the four exhaust outlets under the diffuser integrated in the bumper, the optical post are also assembled and though it hardly allows us to see its signature light, if we observe that extended into the porta-plates with a very dynamic looking as the BMW Series 6.


Under the hood of this sedan high-performance we will not find the propeller V8 Twin-Turbo, but that will downsizing to install the spectacular block 3.0-liter 6L that is betting BMW especially in the last few years. The power output is still unknown, but to be able to stand up against its direct rivals such as the Mercedes-AMG E63 and its 612 HP, should be around 600 HP.

Apart from the change of cubicaje and reduction of cylinders, the next BMW M5 will be available with traction intregal xDrive as much amount of power sent solely to the rear axle requires experienced hands to be able to take it to the limit. But do not worry since the M5 propulsion co-exist together with the traction to the four wheels.