The BMW M5 Safety Car for MotoGP hit Jerez

BMW M5 Safety Car accidente

in addition, If you like the cars you feel you have a great passion for bikes, sure that you have not lost the race Grand Prix MotoGP held in Sherry. It is even very possible that you have been by the andalusian town enjoying the Grand Prix and all the atmosphere that surrounds it. In addition to the triplet Spanish, with victories of national drivers in the three categories, this race will be remembered for incident of Safety Car.

BMW is the car brand that has years of providing the world of motorcycling with vehicle security, and car doctors. The model used as the Safety Car is currently a BMW M5 that, as you already know, uses a V8 engine 4.4 supercharged 560 HP. Franco Uncini, expiloto and responsible for the safety car, I lost control of the BMW M5 in the output of the curve Sito Pons in a turn of recognition prior to the race Moto3.

Sito Pons is the fifth bend of the loop an andalusian; a curve to the right and climb that ends at the Dry Sack straight. Be that as it may, and according to witnesses, the BMW M5 Safety Car piloted by Franco Uncini left cross of the curve Sito Pons. The pilot could not recover the stability of the sports saloon and finally impacted heavily against the wall of security, causing a great fright to all present and leaving serious consequences in the vehicle.

Uncini came out unscathed of the accident, though, as a precaution, the medical assistance came to the scene of the accident to care for you. This makes us see that, when we look at racing and you see the Safety Car, it seems that the safety car or the car doctors are going very slowly but, in reality, tend to go rolling to the limit of its possibilities. In fact, it is not the first time that a Safety Car suffers an accident in Jerez. Does not so many years already passed something similar, although at that time the asphalt was wet.

Source – Solomoto

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