The BMW M550d three turbos reaches 435 hp thanks to G-Power

BMW M550d potenciado por G-Power BMW M550d bet is the diesel more powerful and sports within the family Series 5 of the German firm. Uses the well-known block diesel three-litre and six-cylinder, although it has been resorted to a triple boost in this variant, to achieve a power end of anything less than 381 hp, while the torque is 740 Nm, 60 Nm than the current M5. Some figures as less attractive to a motorization of diesel in a passenger car. The energy is shared between the four wheels through the drive system xDrive.

For the majority of mortals, a saloon premium of almost 5 meters with 381 hp, automatic, all-wheel drive and a average consumption approved of 6.2 liters 100 km, it will be a vehicle more than sufficient to devour the kilometres on long journeys. However, G-Power thinks that may have customers to whom these benefits will fall short of and, as you can imagine, they have developed a tune more dynamic that squeezes out the maximum potential of the six-cylinder in-line.

BMW M550d potenciado por G-PowerG-Power has “gotten theirs” and has elevated the power of the 3-liter tri-turbo up to 435 hp, increasing 54 hp power output of the stock model, thanks to a electronic modification. If the torque seemed gigantic in the variant series, now it will look like a real madness. And is that after passing by the shop of the coach, the engine torque is raised to 110 Nm, or what is the same, is situated finally in the 850 Nm. These best features of the propeller should partially reduce the acceleration time of the BMW M550d. The model series takes to 4.7 in going from 0 to 100 and, although the coach has not commented about it, it is easy to think that it will lower this figure to at least 4.5 seconds.

To give an aesthetic touch more staff, G-Power offers a forged wheels “Hurricane RR” with 20 inches on the front axle and 21 in the rear available in three different endings.

Source – G-Power