The BMW X1 battle extended to China filters its final appearance

This is the first time that we see the BMW X1 battle extended the naked. The images come to us from China, where will be sold and manufactured exclusively thanks to the joint venture that have the germans with a local manufacturer. You already know that in the asian country all the bodies elongated and have a special acceptance and it is a country with a high number of potential customers.

While in the rest of the world prepares the BMW X1 seven-seater, in China is preferred to the five but with extra space in the second row in the style of the limousines.


The BMW X1 battle extended offers more space for the rear seats

Be called BMW X1 Li last, taking all versions of battle extended from the signature bavarian, enjoys 110 mm of extra length in the distance between shafts, and consequently additional space for the legs in the back row. This means that in China measured 4.549 mm long of whom 2.780 mm corresponds to the distance between axes, in place of the 4.439 mm 2.670 mm, respectively, of the body conventional.

The vehicle, which is built on the modular platform front-wheel-drive and total UKL of the BMW Group, has been elongated but the design has not changed an iota from the original except the greater size of the rear doors. However, if we expect that the design “suffers” major adjustments when we see the body of seven-seater, which will come to Europe.


Its design is respected to the maximum except for the larger size of the rear doors

In China, the BMW X1 battle-extended will be offered with the efficient propellant three-cylinder 1.5 litres for versions of front-wheel drive and the options of four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo for both variants of front-wheel-drive as integral xDrive.

we will get to Know the new BMW X1 battle extended during the Hall of Beijing 2016 that will take place next week, it will find the most important news for the asian giant that all brands want to conquer.