The BMW X2 2017 test for Spain

The future BMW X2 will be based on the X1, so it will share the platform UKL, which also builds the 2-Series Active Tourer. That means that this future compact SUV will be a vehicle of front-wheel-drive that you may equip four-wheel drive XDrive. At the time of its launch it will offer engines three and four cylinders with powers between 136 and 231 HP, all of these engines will be turbo-powered.

in Addition to the option of four-wheel-drive the future BMW X2 will automatic change and automatic change-sports and virtually all the options available for the BMW X1. Given its focus coupé and sports, in the future they will add the variant M Performance that will have a power around 300 HP.


The BMW X2 testing in our country

Aesthetically the morro will share all the features of its brother the BMW X1 but from the B pillar forward will look to a design more risky, the model will have its own personality, with a roof line descending and a few optical groups completely new.

This model will arrive in 2017 but at the end of this year we will have the first data, according to our calendar of future launches, BMW will need to move and start communicating its launch.


The BMW X2 is a X1 much more sharp and attractive