The BMW X2 continues with its stage of development and implementation

The X3 leaves X4, X5, get the X6, and so he could be with the whole range of BMW. The SUV trend, and more and more customers are opting for them. However some are not convinced by conventional lines of these, and that is why we manufactured the units with silhouette sports, the latter case will be that of the BMW X2.


Many items will be taken from the X1, though it will vary your appearance, at least outside

It wanders once more to the objectives of our photographers. On this occasion has left to see by the roads of Germany, where he continues with a firm step to its stage of development. Just like the first time we saw it, the X2 calls us to care for your silhouette sports, although always mounted on a platform SUV.

The BMW X1 2015 is already in the showrooms of the country, it is time to look beyond them and discover potential alternatives to the renewed approach that it presents to us. The improvements have worked miracles, and the X1 is finally a real member of the family SUV of BMW.

The X2 will gather to witness this and adapt it to your particular point of view. It is more than evident the change of design, with a roof line lower and dynamic, something that we already see in the BMW X4 and the BMW X6. A change that will try to win customers looking for an SUV with a character and an image a bit more sporty, although so miss goldilocks.


The development phase has not begun, there are still many months of testing

at The beginning of a X1, the X2, which will come to the end of next year, will offer the same technology and dynamic. versions will be front-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive, with a set of engines the same, where one would expect a hybrid drive, and the other more sporty, signed by M, though in this latter case is not confirmed. Soon we will know more.