The BMW X2 will be the next SUV Coupe of the brand and will come in 2018

BMW X2 Concept

BMW had always been known for its vehicles of medium and large dimensions, by their designs and dynamic sports, and the propulsion rear. Some things have changed in the last two decades with the arrival of vehicles more compact, your introduction on the famous segment of the SUV, in addition to also launch a minivan, and the front-wheel-drive in some of their cars. What seems not to change of time is its sporty feel of driving.

some years Ago, the German brand was reinvented and launched its first SUV coupe, the BMW X6. Not so long ago, it will be followed by a BMW X4 and it seems that soon will have a new model with this same philosophy of design that you will receive the denomination BMW X2. At the Paris salon 2016, held in September, has already presented us with the BMW X2 Concept, which seems to will be a new model which will complete the range SUV coupé in the medium term.

BMW X2 Concept

According to cite from the middle Auto Express, the future BMW X2 landed on the market in 2018, although what we may see before the end of 2017. On the other hand, our colleagues claim that the production model will keep a good part of the shapes, lines and design elements of the concept exposed in the above-mentioned Paris. They also comment that the lag will comprise of a roof spoiler. Apparently, the X2 will not be fully as a X4 scale, but that will be partly a personality of its own.

In terms of what will we find under the hood front, we realize that you will be staying engines derived directly from the BMW X1. In this way, there you will find the propellers of the six-cylinder, and may exempt any hypothetical sport variant in this BMW X2. In the beginning, all thrusters will resort to blocks of four cylinders and to the supercharger, sending your energy to the front and, depending on each version, also the four wheels through the system traction xDrive.

Source – Auto Express