The BMW X3 emits 11 times more nitrogen oxides than allowed, and you should not be alarmed

just hours ago the German magazine AutoBild announced that the BMW X3 equipped with a 2.0 turbo – specifically version xDrive20d – surpassed the European limits emissions of nitrogen oxides up to 11 times. The magazine refers to tests carried out by the ICCT (International Council on Clean Transportation), that would prove this claim. The actions of BMW fell as much as 10%, while BMW fended off accusations. We tell why you should not worry by this news at the moment.

The “problem” of BMW X3 is not the same as Volkswagen

It is creating great alarm with diesel, and in this case is unfounded.

BMW has just been slow to react. From the outset he announced that their cars do not have any defeat device . These defeat device are causing the combustion to be different when the car detects that it is being subjected to a test cycle, and are completely illegal devices. BMW says its cars behave in all circumstances in the same way – whether in a laboratory or on a motorway – with regard to emission control. His anti-pollution systems work all the time.

euro6 Which is perfectly compatible has been demonstrated with their outstanding issues are 11 times higher than permitted by the regulations Euro6. Nor should you wonder . Why? For approval cycles – also emissions – they are unrealistic. Just looking for a homogeneity of results in laboratory conditions. Perhaps the problem is that test cycle. Does not reflect reality and is a cycle for which – of course -. The manufacturers of cars and engines can be prepared

The emissions approval cycles do not reflect real driving conditions.

is like go to an exam knowing the result that we get in the problem that the teacher – the EU or EPA in this case – presents. If we know the result we only create a compelling and legal method to get to the same conditions that have ruled us. Unless AutoBild show that BMW has cheated on emission testing – car systems behave differently outstanding way – BMW is not committing any illegality. we not believe false alarms early .

Volkswagen eröffnet Motorenfertigung am Standort Kaluga The ICCT published less than a year ago paper entitled “ Actual emissions from modern diesel cars “. In this paper they tested more than 10 modern cars, all well compatible with the rules Euro6 or the Tier 2 Bin 5 US. It was tested in circulation that – on average – diesel cars emit outstanding analyzed 7 times more nitrogen oxides than those permitted by the standard Euro6. The study went almost unnoticed when it was published last year.

We refer the link to that paper, which shows that assertion in almost 50 pages, very technical and rigorous. AutoBild morning promises to publish a list of cars that emit more nitrogen oxide allowed. Unless you demonstrate the presence of illegal devices that distort emissions, the main culprit of these emission levels will be the creator of the test cycle shift. Any other statement would incur a alarm and dangerous sensationalism .

Source: ICCT | Presse Portal
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