The BMW X3 of the third generation will arrive in 2017


The new BMW X3 2017 premiere platform rear-wheel-drive

The BMW X3 is once again the target of the cameras in our spy photos. The third generation of the SUV is seen again after a lapse of time hiding, during which time she has progressed in its development and thanks us for waiting reveal some visual details new.

Up to 100 kg lighter

In its interior you will find a platform rear-wheel-drive of new development that responds to the code “G01“. This new modular platform of BMW will be used in models of size greater than or equal to X3, and among their benefits, we find a remarkable reduction in their weight. The X3 2017 may prove to be up to 100 kg lighter that the current.


The new mule test of the BMW X3 2017 is hide the optical end

mule tests continues to hold a thick camouflage, but now it seems more complete than when we saw the place a long time ago. The falling of the roof hints at something more pronounced to give a profile of greater dynamism. Rumors indicate that the BMW X3 could be a new new design language for the germans.

headlights remain hidden but now it is perceived that after the costume is found in the final model, a new profile. In the same way we can say that in the rear light clusters, the mule leaves behind the lights provisional in favor of the new ones, design in the form of L as of the last BMW.