The BMW X3 will be manufactured also in south Africa

bmw-x3-2015-2The factory BMW in Spartanburg (united States) is specialized in the X models of the brand, which accounted for 28% of its global sales. All the SUVS of BMW are manufactured there, with the exception of the BMW X1, born in Germany. The SUV largest brand, which will be the BMW X7, will also be built in these facilities are already preparing for the arrival of the new model.

BMW has decided to download slightly working at the factory in Spartanburg, and to do this will be part of the production of the BMW X3 to the factory in south Africa. The SUV will be built simultaneously in these two locations and the units of south Africa will also be available for export. The arrival of the BMW X3 to the african continent will not be imminent, since will begin to occur when the current BMW 3 Series ceases production, replacing it in the assembly lines.

BMW X3BMW will invest close to 389 million euros to prepare the facilities in Rosslyn, north of Pretoria. This movement also has a strategic purpose since the BMW X3 is a model that is experiencing a good demand in markets such as Nigeria, Kenya or Tanzania. BMW has not revealed which are the estimates of production, but this year it is expected that Rosslyn out some 70,000 units of the BMW 3 Series. In February, the plant got the mark of 1,000,000 units manufactured since 1973.

south Africa also has a plan to encourage the automotive industry, which will be in effect until beyond 2020, and that is key for manufacturers such as BMW, Ford or Volkswagen will continue trusting in this region.

Source – Automotive News

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