The BMW X5 2018 can be seen once more in their stage of development


For the second time we hunt for the BMW X5 2018, this time in Germany

There are those who thought that if BMW got an SUV it would not be well received. For a brand that has traditionally been dedicated to manufacturing the best sedans sports to launch a model like the X5 was a big risk. However today has shown that it has a hole, and soon will come the fourth generation of this best seller, the BMW X5 2018.

With the passing of the years and the generations, the BMW X5 has evolved by improving step by step to their predecessors and becoming more luxurious, comfortable and balanced. The next generation must follow this premise, although it is expected that a jump generous in terms of grades and equipment.

it is hard to believe, it is true, but so be it. And in large part this change is due to the arrival of a big brother, the BMW X7 that will be designed in close collaboration with Rolls-Royce. The X5 2018 will be better in all aspects, although shows a design that is unmistakably BMW. How could it be otherwise.


The unit testing was heavily camouflaged and with many provisional components

The unit tests is far from being finished. In reality, what we see is a mule that is putting a new chassis. can Be clearly seen that with many parties, interim, as well as a sheet of weight on the roof that helps developers to analyze the future model.

it Is the second time that we see the X5 2018 put to the test. The previous time was last winter, when we submit to the typical tests of extreme cold. Few differences there are with regard to that mule, but such is the amount of developments that you will see that the development time seems long.

As we have already said they will improve everything on the X5, and that not only goes for the quality, but also for the space, innovation and technology. On this last point, a lot will have to say the BMW 7-Series, which will be taken provided a large number of devices and advancements. Including a new central display with touch control.


His arrival will not occur until well into the year 2018

In terms of the mechanical part, we can’t say anything for the moment. it Is logical to think that BMW will review thoroughly current blocks, and that a large part of these will be in the next generation, from the lowest level up to the always impressive X5 M, without forgetting of course the hybrid version plug-in.