The BMW X5 and X6 will receive a touch-screen in your next update

The new navigation system, iDrive 5.0 touch-screen will arrive at the BMW X5 and X6

The BMW X5 and X6 will soon receive an update to its multimedia system at the end of this summer. Both SUVS will feature the navigation system iDrive 5.0, the latest version which was released together with the BMW 7 Series. Among its developments stresses the acquisition of a new digital screen touch 10,25 inches that will have utility in certain menus and controls.

however, this update will not bring all the technology in the Series 7 as, for example, the control gesture. This functionality will continue to exist exclusively for the great vehicle are German until you reach the new generation of the BMW X5 and X6, which by the way we have already seen, on occasion, in our section on spy photos.

The touch screen will be invaded by the new generation of BMW

so far, BMW has done away with the screen touch in their vehicles. The controls for the iDrive and the worked operating system of intuitive menus were so useful and practical that did not make sense to a touch screen in the center console.

The BMW X5 M and X6 M will have to wait a little bit more

however, the new features and options of the latest update to allow a smart use of the touch screen functions for the scroll or the zoom. We will not feel strange running the new software since the controller of the iDrive will still be present at the centre tunnel, between the seats front, as the main control.

iDrive 5.0 will continue to scale down conquering all of the models little by little. We assume that the version 5.0 will also be the standard in the next generation of the BMW 5-Series that should not take a long time to appear. This same update will also come to the BMW X5 M and X6 M, although the versions most sports will have to wait a little more.

Discover with us how is the new iDrive with touch screen and gesture control of the BMW Series 7: