The BMW X7 is left to see for the first time in this teaser

BMW X7 teaserThat the BMW X7 is going to produce in the future already knew from a long time ago. The new model will be a SUV large dimensions and which will have three rows of seats to accommodate up to 7 passengers. Up to now it is all a mystery and no one knows any details or when it will arrive. However, in the traditional press conference of the annual brand, it has been shown for the first time the silhouette on the X7.

Under a bed sheet it is difficult to distinguish all their features, but yes we can do to the idea of its size and appearance. Emphasize in the first place which will be significantly longer than the BMW X5. Apparently it will be developed on the platform of the sixth generation of the BMW 7-Series, but the most striking thing is that would overtake the sedan in one of its strongest points: technology and luxury.

BMW modelos X The future BMW X7 wants to become in the more advanced model of the range in terms of these two aspects. This also results in the incorporation of engines of large displacement, especially mechanical V6 and V8, having option of adding even a V12. Discarding completely the four-cylinder engines, which on the contrary, yes that have appeared in the Series 7. You would be valuing also include a hybrid variant plug-in.

The BMW X7 will be manufactured in the plant Spartanburg, where they have gone to huge investment and have been improving facilities to cope with a higher production capacity. Harald Kruger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, announced this extension of the range X, and added that they are “observing in-depth the potential of this attractive segment.” All indications are that the BMW X7 will not come before 2019.

Source – IndianAutosBlog