The BMW Z5 Roadser 2018 already wheel with your new body


Shows changes in the front and behind.

We have returned to hunt the testing team responsible for development of the new BMW Z5, on this occasion conducting tests of winter and already with a unit far more advanced that our photographers were able to capture previously.

Although the front seems to be the same, we find slight differences in the central area of the bumper, to appear more elevated that the ends of the same. Up to now, we have only been able to see a bumper of generic forms, rather more flat and less sculpted than the one that shows this unity.

In the rear area the changes are more drastic, in that the this is the first occasion that mounts the optical final, in place of pilots auxiliary overlapping. These are very camouflaged and they let us see too much, but we can already see how they will be arranged in the highest zone of the rear.


new drivers rear is already looming in the behind.

The upcoming BMW Z5 is one of the models that we have been able to follow in these last few years. Its development is part of a joint project of BMW and Toyota, that will give life to the new range Z5 and the future Above. For the moment, BMW is in charge of developing both models from one common platform, although in the case of the japanese, it will be Toyota that the final touches to the Above.

The future BMW Z5 will feature two versions, closed coupe and Roadster, variant that belongs to the unit testing of the images. This will be the first to be submitted and approximately a year after we attend the arrival of the coupe version.

The filing date remains a mystery. As very soon, not
we should see him at least until the end of this same year, although 2018
still a great possibility.