The BMW Z5 Roadster 2018 can be seen at the Nürburgring with less camouflage

BMW Z5 Roadster 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy of the new BMW Z5 Roadster 2018 to its passage by the Nürburgring.

there Are several occasions in which the expected BMW Z5 Roadster has left to see to its passage through the circuit of the Nürburgring. The BMW engineers are using a lot of the German track for the development of its new roadster. Well, once again, our photographers have caught a prototype of the new Z5 as I did a few test on the designated track. And best of all it is shown to us without complexes, with a notable loss of camouflage.

Little by little BMW will uncovering the new Z5 Roadster. On this occasion, the withdrawal of camouflage has focused on the front. The air inlets, bumpers, or grill are the elements that most of the discovered that are more exposed. The rest of the vehicle, so that we can see, presents no changes in this aspect with respect to the photographs previously published.

The fact that BMW has a certain fixation with the Nürburgring is logical since, as mentioned in exclusive, one of the main objectives that the brand has set for the new Z5 is that it can beat the Porsche 718 Boxster in that circuit. Mounted on the platform CLAR, its development is also set with the new Toyota Supra. Aluminum, carbon fiber or magnesium are some of the components used in its manufacture.

BMW Z5 Roadster 2018 - foto espía posterior

it is not confirmed Yet whether or not to keep the name Z4, or, on the contrary, will be baptized as Z5.

In whole, and in spite of having a system in a convertible with a canvas roof, just determine an approximate weight of 1,400 kilograms. When you break into the market we will be at one of the roadster’s most unique and advanced ever created. During the last few months had been commenting on the possibility that in the range also make act of presence variant coupe. However, finally it will not be so.

The initial information was that, due to such joint development with Toyota, the guys from BMW could get a coupe directly related to the new Supra. However, the Z5 will continue to be linked to a body convertible. Aesthetically its design will present some influence by the concept Vision ConnectedDrive and 328 Hommage.

Mechanically the offer will be very interesting, although by the time the M version is in the air and still have not taken a decision on the matter. The new BMW Z5 will be available exclusively with petrol versions. Will be engines of four and six cylinders. The most sports will be the version M40i. With the exception of this last, the rest of the versions will be offered with manual change of six speeds or an automatic Steptronic eight relations. That yes, all will have in common a configuration of rear-wheel drive.