The BMW Z5 will appear again in another render

BMW Z5 renderIs a matter of time you start to get information about the BMW Z5. The successor to the Z4 yet we know few details, but apparently will switch the retractable hard top for a soft top. We had already been able to see it imagined in any recreation and today we get another render, which could advance the exterior appearance of the new cabrio German, which is expected to see the light between by the end of 2017 and 2018.

All indications are that the Z5 will be the first model that will come out of a collaboration between Toyota and BMW in the development of sports. Therefore it is expected some changes at the design level, among other things. In this recreation you take a few headlights that are elongated or a front grille style BMW M3/M4. In terms of dimensions will be larger and highlighted by a hood lengthened, and a rear overhang short.



As had the companions of the, is likely to also attend the launch of a coupe version of this BMW Z5. Would come out a year later and would keep the style of the old Z3. The main features of the new vehicle would be a reduced weight through the use of lightweight materials, as well as a riding position low. Of series would have rear wheel drive and optionally provide the total model.

The mechanical use would be the blocks of four and six-cylinder, always a turbo. Also there has been talk of a hybrid variant that would benefit from the experience of Toyota. With the time you could get a version with the last name M that could use the technology of injection of water, adopted from the M4 GTS, and a power close to 600 HP. But for the moment, are just rumors and we will have to wait the confirmations official.

Source – OmniAuto

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