The bonus of Ferrari and the position of Ecclestone, in danger


Greg Maffei, Executive Director of Liberty Media, has put in question the financial system that governs the Formula 1 current, pointing directly to the bonus of $ 100 million that Ferrari receives each year.

That amount, paid by the historical value that the Scuderia brings to the Formula 1, supposed to close to double of what you receive the equipment of the lower part of the grill, and only by staying in the category, since the money received for the sports results is added to the fixed amount negotiated by Bernie Ecclestone.

Maffei expects Ferrari compensated this loss with a remodeling of the promotion of the sport that generates the greatest income. “If you’re Ferrari, you have a huge income through sponsorship that will go directly. This will be positively influenced by better careers, so we are thinking of balancing the payments to the teams so that they are more evenly matched, and we believe more justice. Putting ourselves in the place of Ferrari, I hope that the fact create a major platform that helps the income for sponsorship to offset this change”, said Maffei in an interview granted to Forbes.

in Addition, Liberty plans to introduce a budget ceiling in Formula 1 to prevent teams from spending so much money on things that, according to them, no positive impact on the fans. “it makes No sense to have teams spending the greater part of the $ 400 million (budget). That money does nothing good for the fans, only looking to compete technologically”, said an anonymous source to Forbes.

Ecclestone, on the tight rope

All of this, along with what is considered the Liberty it is a under-utilisation of resources that the Formula 1 offers a level of marketing in relation to other sports and disciplines of the engine, it seems that you could end up with Bernie Ecclestone as president, honorary President, but without ability to maneuver in the future.

So says at least Sky Sports, which is also anticipated that in the coming weeks, the former manager of the ESPN Sean Bratches, will take command of the commercial division, while Ross Brawn will be in charge of the sport.