The boom in the SUV segment could “load” the Toyota Avensis

Prueba Toyota Avensis Touring Sports 150Dis Not the first time, nor will it be the last, that I remember that the SUV segment is booming since many months ago, with SUVS and crossovers vehicles, whose demand is growing in all of Europe. This fact, a priori, can be beneficial as the fashion of the SUV is inviting many customers to change their car.

however, the growing demand for this type of vehicle produces sedans and mpvs to be sold less, leading to the brands consider the profitability of renewing certain models. The last case is the one of Toyota Avensis.

Vehicles are settled in the segment, as for example the Renault Scenic or the Espace of the same manufacturer, have had to change their philosophy, looking for an image more of a crossover than a typical minivan family. In the case of the Peugeot 3008 the change has been very noticeable from one generation to another, going on to become a real SUV.

prueba-toyota-avensis-touring-sports-150d-1The sedans are more complicated to change your form completely, which is why many manufacturers have opted to launch variants with a body more high, and integrate one more image jacket with protections in the low-and, because of step, provide them with all-wheel drive as in the case of the Audi A4 allroad or the Seat Leon ST X-Perience.

In a statement to our fellow Auto Express, the CEO of the european division of Toyota, Johan van Zyl has declared that the future of the sedan Toyota Avensis is “under discussion”. He says that they are satisfied with the result of the Toyota Avensis, but recognizes that arise if “the next step must be to another vehicle of the segment D, or any other thing.”

The current generation Toyota Avensis was launched into the market in 2009, featuring a restyling makes it something more than a year to update its image and modernize it. In this way, and taking into account that the life cycles of generations typically run around 8 years old, the current generation of the sedan of Toyota doesn’t have much of a life. It is for this reason that the high positions of the brand should be studying the market and considering if they really would be profitable to develop a new model of the same type.

Source – Auto Express

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