The Boring Company: the new project of Elon Musk presented in a spectacular video


Teaser of the new project of Elon Musk.

The new project, Elon Musk has posted a video in which they reveal at last the plans of the company, The Boring Company. A name that is itself all a joke, since we can literally translate both as “the drilling company” as per “the company is boring”. Currently, the company is already doing its first tests with a large drill in the facilities of SpaceX in Florida.

Up to now only knew that the original idea was to build underground tunnel, to create a network of pathways that descongestionaran the traffic of the cities, but we didn’t have more data. In this new video it is all explained very graphically.

By what you see in the video the network if it is not highway use, but – lane underground, where they operate a number of electric vehicles that platform allows us to upload our vehicle, so that once inside, is the platform that you move with our vehicle over.


A network of platform electrical ground.

this network is accessed through platforms on the surface, so that there is only that parking on top of one of these platforms, which come with wheels and have a structure very similar to the rack-type skateboard employing all models of Tesla, but with larger dimensions and a top surface that is completely flat. So it is apparent that at least a part of the technology is already available within the group of companies of Musk.

In the video also appears another model of vehicle, using the same platform but with a body of glass, which the minibus, in which you can see several people inside.

once the vehicle access to the tunnels, the platform can travel at speeds of up to 200 km/h, according to the video itself. We understand that these vehicles operate with some system of driving autonomously, and the driver and their vehicle become a mere commodity of the platform.