The Boring Company: video of the first tunnel tests of the new company of Elon Musk


Entrance of the tunnel tests in the facilities of SpaceX.

just a few days after revealing their first music video, a recreation computer project, the new company of Elon Musk, The Boring Company, has posted a video of the first tunnel tests that have been performed in the facilities of SpaceX, another company Musk.

The video, of short duration, shows a camera on board in one of the “skates” that will serve as transportation within these tunnels, that you intend to can runs through these long tunnels straight at speeds of around 200 km/h.

The footage is very short but the game of lights caused by the speed it can get to be quite overwhelming, and can be very annoying. Nothing to do with the spectacular and almost sedative computer recreations of the operation of these tunnels, and whose video you will find also in this article, located at the foot of the same.

Warning: The video demonstration contains lights in motion and in rapid sequence, it can be very annoying.

For the moment, the company of Elon Musk has done with a large excavator and in just a few days they have managed to open this long tunnel straight, in addition to prepare it with what seems to be for the moment a prototype that tries to simulate the skates which later will transport vehicles through them.

These skates have some ways very similar to the frame used Tesla in all its models, a flat base center that houses the batteries and the electric motors on the axles, although in this case we find a completely flat that can be accessed by vehicles as a platform is concerned.

These platforms, as shown in the video of the project, ascend vertically to the surface at various points along the route to provide access or egress to the various vehicles, once uploaded, are transported by these through the tunnels. This idea, which a priori does not seem to bad, it is the alternative of Musk to the congestion of the cities, but can also be a good option for the pathways of connection between populations.