The ‘brain’ of the Robocar is developed by NVIDIA

Begin to emerge the first technical specifications of the Robocar, the cars that will participate in the first competition of autonomous cars, called Roborace.

Roborace-NVIDIA-RobocarPfor those of you who wondered about the technical specifications of the cars that will participate in the category of Roborace, the first series of racing without driver in the world, already began to know the first details.

The Roboracar measures 4.8 metres long, 2 meters wide, and has a wheelbase of 2.8 metres, that is to say that it is shorter and wider than the current cars of Formula E, with a total weight that exceeds that of the cars of the Formula E in 112 kilograms.

The heart of the cars, or rather their brain, it will be a supercomputer NVIDIA Drive PX 2. It is a CPU 12 cores cooled by liquid, composed by two processors, 6-core Tegra, dual-GPU Pascal, and 8 teraflops of processing power. All these terms are translated into a supercomputer that can perform a huge amount of operations per second, able to take decisions with the speed required in cars that are expected to achieve the 300 kilometres per hour

The technology of the cars includes 12 video cameras, LIDAR, radar, and ultrasonic sensors, to allow the car to understand that is what is happening around her. For the moment, no data has been provided about its electric motor.