The brakes 'brake-by-wire' can reach the Formula E


The Formula And discuss its future technical. Beyond the increased power and use of batteries McLaren in the season 2018-19, which will compete with only one car in the ‘Season Five’, the contest still has great details to define. One of the most prominent is the possible arrival of the brake system in the rear ‘brake-by-wire’, a braking technology that allows you to have more control over the rear brake, and without changing the feel of the pilot, to maximize the recovery of energy in function of the braking and charging of the batteries, something that is essential in a Formula And that will have greater demands in terms of power.

The current generation of single-seater electric Formula E has a braking system on the rear axle which recovers energy through an electric motor basic. A technology that is part of default values and that are not adapted to the amount of energy that can be regenerated according to the need of batteries, or the power of the braking. The solution in this regard is the implementation of a braking system of the ‘brake-by-wire’, an active technology that modulates the braking for the pilot to always get the same response, but the system of energy recovery to optimize the process.

This system ‘brake-by-wire’ is drawn as a key to to make the leap of power from 200 kW to 250 kW in rating and 170 kW to 200 kW in the race that is going to happen in the ‘Season Five’. The ‘brake-by-wire’, which is already used in Formula 1 or WEC, would the Formula And in association to other technologies, provided that you do not shoot the budget or facilitate the work of the pilot. In this aspect, a system for collecting energy on the front axle and the introduction of the vector pair to have variable power on each wheel found greater opposition.