The brand Bertone was auctioned at 3.4 million euros

The brand Bertone already has a new owner, although still not know your identity. Sold in 3.489.200 euros and the possibility that has been acquired by Giorgetto Giugiaro remains in effect.

BertoneAndn September of last year the brand Bertone had gone to auction along with the 79 cars that fall in the ‘collection bertone’. Fortunately the vehicles were purchased by the ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano), for which the car remained in Italy.

however the brand Bertone, who had also gone to auction along with cars from the collection had no bidders at that time and went back out to auction, with a 25% discount off on the basis of 3 million euros. This time was allotted to a new owner that it is still unknown what is your identity.

With a base price of 2.6 million euros to which must be added taxes, and a patent extra for a ‘retractable roof for the industry automation’, the buyer was able to stay with Bertone, for a total of 3.489.200 euros.

For the moment, taking into account that the procedure of closing of the auction still in progress, you can’t know the name of the winner. We know that Giorgetto Giugiaro was interested in acquiring the brand Bertone and they finally decided to not bid in the previous opportunity, for which we maintain the hope that the brand is in good hands and won’t end up in China, as happened recently with De Tomaso.