The brand more eco-friendly world is the BMW Group

bmw-i3-33-kwh-1In these days, in which there is much talk of the marks and emissions of their diesel engines, of how to tease standards environmental and how accuse each other so that no one is more than anyone else it seems that we forgot something. This something is nothing more nor less than the environment in which we live and the responsibility that we all have with him, both the car manufacturers to design and manufacture them as we, the end users of their vehicles.

why do I say this? The reason is simple, since there is the Corporate Social Responsibility or Business (everyone who take it as you want, although there are slight variations), it seems that only is used more for promoted to level public and image brand to be respectful with the environment and giving back to society a part of what this dedication to the companies and markets.

BMW i3 Policía de Los Ángeles the automotive industry is no stranger this Corporate Social Responsibility, because in the production process are required elements that alter the behavior of the environment and the society. Therefore some brands take some time being sustainability reports to raise the visibility of the work you are doing to be socially responsible, or eco-friendly with the environment and society. In the case of Spain I leave an example here.

brand of cars, or industrial group, which has been award-winning this year, as the most socially responsible, or eco-friendly with the environment and society has been the BMW Group. The group is one of the most concerned with their environment since it is also attached to the United Nations environment Programme, the A Global Compact and Declaration of Cleaner Production. Through these programs, reinforces its commitment with the society and the environment.

With this news we want to to raise awareness to all over the world (who wants to) can be respectful with the environment and society and at the same time you can enjoy all the days of our passion for CARS. Therefore we encourage the brands to follow the path that leads to the BMW Group and are committed to be each day more eco-friendly and care more about people and the society than by other aspects worldly.

Congratulations BMW Group

Source – Dow Jones Sustainability Index

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