The brands and models most sold in may 2017

Prueba Opel Mokka X

we have Already opened the month of June, and touched to take a look back to see what have been the brands and best selling models during may of 2017. As we have seen in the analysis of the behavior of the market, breaking down the channels of private, rental and enterprises, the sector increased its sales by 11.1 % with respect to the month of may of the previous year. Meanwhile, in the accumulated first five months of 2017, the sector’s growth has been 7.2 %.

According to the behavior of the sector in may, the channel most benefited has been the Rent-a-Car, growing by 18 %. It is followed by the channel companies with 13.2 and that of individuals with a 5.6 %. In the sum of the results of the first five months, we see that the channel particular has just grown by 2.1 % in the year so far, a figure very small. But we’re going to what befalls us in this article, the brands and models most sold in may.

The brands of cars most sold in may 2017

Marks Enrollment market Share
Marks Enrollment market Share
Opel 10.391 units 8.18 %
Volkswagen 9.986 units 7.86 %
Renault 9.719 units 7.65 %
Peugeot 8.503 units 6.70 %
Seat 8.366 units 6.59 %

As you can see, Opel has been, with one notable difference, the best-selling brand of the month. Volkswagen and Renault have been closely paired, with a difference of less than 300 units between the two marks. In fourth and fifth place have been located Peugeot and Seat, very far from the podium, but with less than 150 units of difference between them.

The top-selling cars in may 2017

SEAT León Cupra

Models Enrollment market Share
Models Enrollment market Share
Seat Leon 3.306 units 2.60 %
Volkswagen Polo 3.208 units 2.53 %
Opel Corsa 3.182 units 2.51 %
Nissan Qashqai 2.900 units 2.28 %
Seat Ibiza 2.775 units 2.19 %

The Seat Leon continues to be the car most in demand in the market, obtaining a market share of 2.6 %. It has been followed by the Polo and the Corsa, they are the kings of the B-segment and that are located very close to each other. The fourth best selling car of the month has been an SUV, the Nissan Qashqai, while the fifth position has been for the Seat Ibiza, which this month now is accused of the imminent generational shift.