The brands and models most sold in so far 2017

we are Already in the month of July, so it is a good time to evaluate what they are being brands and models more sold in the year so far. As we have already seen, in the month of June, the market of automobile tourism has grown by 6.4 % compared to the same month of the previous year, having been enrolled 132.261 cars. So far in 2017 have been enrolled 670.979 units, growing 7.1 %.

But there comes the moment of truth for the brands and the actual performance of their products in Spain. In this article we show the top5, units and market share on the brands and models sold so far in 2017. Can you bring some surprise, as equal to any manufacturer or product that you did not expect so the top is in the top5 of sales, or just the opposite, companies or models you expected not to be found. we’re Going with this.

Brands of cars most sold in the first nine months of the year 2017

Marks Enrollment market Share
Marks Enrollment market Share
Seat 53.333 units 7.95 %
Opel 52.395 units 7.81 %
Volkswagen 51.047 units 7.61 %
Renault 49.244 units 7.34 %
Peugeot 46.796 units 6.97 %

If anything is clear is that the Spanish we like european brands, since we do not find not a single manufacturer that is not from the Old Continent. In addition, the data reflect that, for one reason or another, sweep to the house, and that is the best-selling brand is the Spanish Seat. With a difference very slight, the house of Martorell is the most sold in Spain, obtaining a market share of almost 8 %. In second and third place are Opel and Volkswagen, while the fourth and fifth positions are for our neighbors, Renault and Peugeot.

Models of most cars sold in the first nine months of the year 2017

Models Enrollment market Share
Models Enrollment market Share
Seat Ibiza 20.811 units 3.10 %
Seat Leon 19.867 units 2.96 %
Opel Corsa 17.110 units 2.55 %
Volkswagen Polo 16.961 units 2.53 %
Nissan Qashqai 15.459 units 2.30 %

we Said at the to analyze the table of the most sold brands that sweep to the house, because it sold the most was Seat. With the best selling models we can say the same thing, and double. The top-selling cars are the Seat Ibiza and the Seat Leon, the first with a share of 3,10 % and the second with 2,96 %. In third position we have the Opel Corsa (manufactured in Zaragoza), and closing this Top5 we see the Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Qashqai, being this last the only SUV in the segment that comes in this listing.

Source – ANIACAM

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