The brands most reliable cars in the world

Most consumer association Consume Reports conducted a study with brands car safest in the world . Although it is primarily focused on the US market, has more than a million people had their say, and shows more than enough to take it into account when establishing specific brands.

coche mas fiable del mundo

Japanese brands Lexus, Toyota and Acura is on top of the list, and it is noteworthy that other European companies also listed.

list of most reliable cars in the world is led by the Japanese

Japanese brands occupy seven of the top 10 places This survey of the most reliable cars in the world. Data were collected from responses from 1.1 million vehicle owners. Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai and Honda were marks that follow the first three Lexus, Toyota and Acura.

models most reliable cars

For models 2014 Subaru Forester is the car that has received the highest scores reliability and the study has highlighted that more than a decade the first seven positions in the list of reliability has been occupied by Japanese brands, surpassing the European, American or South Koreans.

But the list also has its presence European brands Audi and Volvo or GMC American, specialized in production of trucks and SUVs, which is a slight change in trends.

Although Ford has staged a dramatic improvement in sales and financial results, not particularly well borne out in this study because it has most of its models below average on the assessment of the participants. Neither group Chrysler has been highly valued as it only has a model above average.

As pointed out by Consumer Reports problem more accentuated consumers on all vehicles and brands have been to the electronic systems built into the model

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